One of the ongoing messages of the Bible is to pray for your enemies. Jeers even addressed it in the beatitudes found in Matthew. His words – pray for those who hate you. The same sun shines on the unjust and the just. In other words, even though you are my enemy, you are a child of God, just like me.

But I have discovered something wonderful about praying for your enemies. When you pray for your enemies, they stop becoming your enemies… and in some cases, the enemy might become your friend.

A few entries ago, I talked a out a girl I knew that wronged me twice. Not long ago, I began praying for her. Now she is a friend. We talked the other day and she was very pleasant and kind, not at all how I pictured my nemesis.

Another person wronged my family not too long ago. Jennifer and I began to pray for her and her family. Out of nowhere we reconciled against all the mean things that were said, and forgave each other. Now they are becoming our good friends.

Will praying for an enemy turned that person into a friend? I don’t know. Bit praying for your enemy will soften your heart and your enemy’s so that a friendship is entirely possible.